Covid-19 in Ireland by the numbers

I made a little tool that scoops up the official Ireland open data on the Covid-19 outbreak and presents it in a pivot table graphing thing. You can go and have a play with it here and see the video below on how to use it.

The data comes from the linked data provided by the HSE my server grabs it daily and processes it from the clever but fairly incomprehensible turtle format into a series of JSON files which are much more practical for analysis. I split the data into a number of datasets, each of which partitions the cases in different ways, so for example one splits up the cases by age, another by county. You can’t add the two together or you double count the cases. We don’t know the breakdown of ages within counties, these are two unrelated ways to partition the number of cases.

The analysis tool is PivotTable.js which is a fantastic open source component that allows you to drag and drop fields into two containers which define the rows and columns of a table. There are dropdowns that allow you to pick an aggregator and metric – you might want to pick the sum of the cases metric but other options are available. The final thing to note is the rendering method, which could be a table, a bar chart, a line chart, some pie charts or a tab separated values table (TSV Export) suitable for copying and pasting into a spreadsheet.

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